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Sparkling/Toddler Room 2 - 3 yrs

Our room for Sparkling Stars accommodates up to 10 children Designed and equipped with resources to provide children with a safe and interesting environment in which to explore and develop

We encourage a daily routine to provide the children with stability and aid development, however we do understand it is important to offer a flexible approach to allow children to develop their own personal interests and preferences our twos room has a fantastic free flow advantage to our beautiful interactive garden and patio.

Equipped with cozy corner for some quiet time and reading, along with our sensory bubble tube and eyfs suited areas, your child can relax and challenge when it suits them.

With toilets to aid potty training and a fully fitted changing area. This room provides the perfect start to independence for your two’s

Example Daily Routine:


8.00 am Arrival/ Choice of free play
8.15-9.00 Breakfast
9.05-9.15 Circle Time
9.15-10.00 Garden time
10.00-10.15 Milk time
10.20-11.00 Spontaneous/Focused/Next steps activities
11.10-11.30 Story/ Rhyme Time/ Magic Bag/box
11.30-12.15 Lunch time
12.15-13.00 Child initiated play/ICT time/am home-time
13.00 Hometime/PM session Welcome
13.05-13.15 Circle time
13.20-14.00 Garden time
14.00-14.15 Milk time
14.20-15.00 Spontaneous/Focused/Next steps activities
15.15-16.00 Tea time
16.15-16.30 Story/Rhyme time/Magic Bag/box
16.30-17.00 Child initiated play/ICT time/pm home-time
17.00 Hometime (temp closing)

These times are flexible and can change depending on the child's need.

*The care routines, e.g meal times, toileting and nappy changing are good opportunities for the staff to build relationships with children. Meal times are made to be sociable and enjoyable.