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Shining Stars/Preschool 3 - 4 yrs

Our Shining Stars rooms use the whole middle floor made of 3 free flow rooms for maximum exploration and help promote freedom of choice.

We encourage a daily routine to provide the children with stability and aid development, however we do understand it is important to offer a flexible approach to allow children to develop their own personal interests and preferences.

Example Daily Routine:


8.00 am Arrival/ Choice of free play
8.15-9.00 Breakfast
9.05-9.15 Circle Time
9.15-10.00 Spontaneous/Focused/Next steps activities
10.00-10.15 Milk time
10.20-11.00 Garden time
11.10-11.30 Story/ Rhyme Time/ Magic Bag/box
11.30-12.15 Lunch time
12.15-13.00 Child initiated play/ICT time/am home-time
13.00 Hometime/PM session Welcome
13.10-13.15 Circle time
13.20-14.00 Spontaneous/Focused/Next steps activities
14.00-14.15 Milk time
14.20-15.00 Garden time
15.15-16.00 Tea time
16.15-16.30 Story/Rhyme time/Magic Bag/box
16.30-17.00 Child initiated play/ICT time/pm home-time
17.00 Hometime (temp closing)

These times are flexible and can change depending on the child's need.

*The care routines, e.g meal times, toileting and nappy changing good opportunities for the staff to build relationships with children. Meal times are made to be sociable and enjoyable.