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Mission Statement


Little Stars Day Nursery is committed to provide a setting which will promote high quality and accessible childcare provided in a warm, caring and safe environment free from prejudice and discrimination


What We Believe In
While children are in the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) they benefit from a wide range of first-hand experiences. Children learn better through active engagement with the world around them. By providing opportunities and materials for them to explore it promotes self-initiative learning, a vital part in supporting children to be happy and motivated to learn.

‘Child-initiated learning’ is the foundation of our practice and is rooted in the philosophy developed by HighScope


Ofsted Inspection 
After eight months of being open we received our surprise visit from Ofsted. It was our busiest morning, the weather was awful and the inspector had a trainee with her!
We were thrilled when we received the feedback and were informed we had received a grade '2', GOOD. Knowing this was the higest grade we could have expected after eight months made us extremely proud.
To read the report click on the following link:

The Directors

Dr. and Mrs. Sinha have lived and worked in and around the area for 25 years. Prior to opening his own surgery in 1994 Dr. Sinha worked as a locum in various practices. Over the years, supported by his wife Dr. Sinha has built up a successful practice. Dedicated to his patients both at his practice and work undertaken at Teddington and West Middlesex hospitals he is a highly respected member of the community.

Dr. and Mrs. Sinha have many interests, one being to support children’s development and in 2004 they decided to pursue their dream of opening a nursery, they worked continuously with architects, builders and consultants to create a high quality early years setting that would meet the needs of their local community.