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Shining Stars 3 - 5 yrs

Our Shining Stars rooms use the whole middle floor made of 3 free flow rooms for maximum exploration and help promote freedom of choice.

We encourage a daily routine to provide the children with stability and aid development, however we do understand it is important to offer a flexible approach to allow children to develop their own personal interests and preferences.

Example Daily Routine:

8.00 Welcome and breakfast
8.45 Group greeting time


Planning time/ song /story

(encouraging children to discuss the things they would like to do)


Work time/free play (children to carry out their initial plan and other self initiated activities of working and playing. Staff interact with the children to support their activities.)

10.15 Tidy up time
10.30 Snack time


Small group time (when adults provide a led activity based on interests the children have shown. These activities cater for each individual child’s needs, so differentiated support will be offered.)

11.00 Indoor / outdoor free choices (Nappy change / toileting / quiet time)


Large group time (this is a time when children engage in an activity as a large group and will often be a more physical activity.)

12.00 Lunch


Sleep / Home times (The daily routine is repeated in the afternoon session although different resources are used so that children who are in day care take part in different activities from the morning session.)

1.00 Greeting
1.10 Planning time
1.20 Nappy changing / toileting
1.30 Work time / free play
2.30 Outdoor time
3.00 Tea time
3.30 Story time
4.00 Work time / special activity (Nappy changing / toileting)
4.30 Indoor / outdoor free choices
5.00 Snack time
5.15 Activities (Nappy changing / toileting)
5.30-6.00 Home time, tidy up time, relaxation

These times are flexible and can change depending on the child's need.

*The care routines, e.g meal times, toileting and nappy changing good opportunities for the staff to build relationships with children. Meal times are made to be sociable and enjoyable.